TreetopLights 2.3

O Christmas Tree...


  • Highly customizable
  • Xmas countdown
  • Multi monitor support


  • Can use up RAM

Very good

TreetopLights is for those of you that can't resist the urge to decorate everything just in time for Christmas. The application will show a fully decorated Christmas tree and blinking lights on your desktop.

The graphics are of high quality and the application is also thoroughly customizable. Choose what sorts of ornaments go on the tree, whether you want a popcorn or tinsel garland and what colored lights you want.

TreetopLights offers a good choice of lighting animations and lets you adjust light speed and opacity thanks to sliders. You can even change broken light bulbs by clicking on them.

TreetopLights also lets you set a Christmas countdown just in case you're really impatient. Those of you with multiple screens will also be glad to know that the application has multi monitor support.

TreetopLights can use up a bit of RAM so we suggest having either the tree or the lights up but not both at the same time. Also avoid having it on when you have lots of applications open as it can slow down your Mac.

TreetopLights is an application that places a Christmas tree on the desktop and holiday lights on the menubar or screen edges. The desktop tree can be decorated with blinking or fading lights, ornaments, a treetop star, and perhaps some snow.

A small assortment of lights are available, and custom lights can be designed and added for both the tree and screen lights. The ambient lighting can be controlled for the appearance of a dimly or brightly lit room, and the transparency and size of the tree can be set to keep it out of the way, or set the perfect holiday mood.

The optional but festive menubar lights can blink or glow to decorate the menubar, or even go around the screen. A customizable countdown timer displaying days until Christmas and the twelve days of Christmas is also included for display on the desktop tree and dock icon.



TreetopLights 2.3

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